Investment Strategy

DLG’s strategy includes building a diverse portfolio of farmland through acquiring sections with strong agronomic qualities, acreage located in peripheral growth regions and converting properties exiting the Conservation Reserve Program (CRP) into productive farmland in order to maximize returns.

A pure speculation strategy involves buying an asset, holding it over time and reselling that asset for profit (i.e. capital appreciation). No action is taken in the interim, as the investor is dependent upon the next buyer’s offer. Gold or an art collection, for example, would fall into this category.

DLG goes beyond pure speculation by adding value to the land (i.e. improving soil fertility, drainage and irrigation) over the period of time that it manages the asset. Furthermore, farmland provides annual income to its investors through leasing the property to local crop producers. Adding value to the land, in addition to current income and capital appreciation, elevates DLG’s strategy beyond speculation.