Our Position

The Federal Reserve once again finds itself in a difficult place. Traditional strategies to spur the economy have proven ineffective, forcing officials to use more unconventional methods. Embarking on its third round of quantitative easing, the Fed pursues the more unproven approach of buying mortgage-backed securities. Tax increases and budget cuts further confound efforts for a recovery. Despite believing authorities have done all they can to promote growth, many investors turn to law makers for a solution nonetheless.

DLG provides investors a unique opportunity to protect and grow their wealth by investing in farmland. A growing world population, rising demand for animal feed for meat consumption and clean energy mandates provide farmland with strong fundamentals for future growth. Direct investment in farmland provides access to a key driver of food and energy production. Farmland also delivers an annual income stream higher than U.S. Treasuries and most dividend-paying stocks.

Furthermore, in the presence of unproven and unconventional central bank measures, quantitative easing and a ballooning monetary base, farmland serves as a vital hedge against inflation. Throughout history, when pressured by inflation, you protect yourself by owning real assets.